Saturday, September 25, 2010

i sleep in mom's room every night.

wow what an eventful two days i had.. woof!!

yesterday my mommy noticed i wasnt eating well (refused to eat my breakfast), ate more of my lunch but still had leftovers and no dinner for me too. and for some reason i was lazy to play, didn't respond to my name and just wanted to lie around all day. i was walking around like a cat too - with my back all arched and all. grrr....

today my symptoms continued so my mommy and grandma decided to take me to the vet coz they were so worried. WOOF! finally they got my point!! mommy quickly called the vet they took me to last saturday for my 3rd vaccine (animal recovery centre @ tampines) and quickly made an appointment at 11am. whew! i was such a good boy, i went inside my doggy carrier quietly without even trying to escape. mommy cradled me in her arms the entire journey there and sang me gospel songs. my favourite song is 'pass it on'. it never fails to calm me down. 

after grandma parked the car mommy pointed out a schnauzer in the van a few cars away from us. the window was slightly down so he had air and he was playing inside. mommy tried to get me to say hi but i was so sick i just wanted to STAY IN MY CARRIER. why cant humans understand that I AM SICK??

at the vet, we had to wait quite a well coz a little kitty was admitted for an emergency. grandma overheard that he even had to get his blood drained!! gasps!! poor kitty.. i hope hes ok! i dont understand why people say cats and dogs are natural enemies? ANYWAY... we met a huge lab at the vet today. hes 11 years old and his name is lakota. what a handsome dog! but i was too scared to play with him. i was shivering in my carrier. mommy and grandma talked to the mommy for the lab. they taked for so long and mommy didnt talk to me at all! sniff sniff.. so i took revenge by drooling all over her. heh heh heh..... lakota was the pet patient before us and he was in and out in less than 5 minutes for an arthritis jab. hope he gets better and that i'd meet him after im all better!

finally, after a 45min wait, i could see the doc. i was so scared i didnt wanna come out of my carrier. and when mommy carried me out, i was SHIVERING!!!!!!!! mommy held me close and sang me songs while doc was examining me....... and did i hear something about..... a..... JAB?!?!?!?!?!?

yes i did!!!!! after diagnosing me with some stomach problems, i was given a jab which caused me to bark. poor mommy cried after hearing me cry. could hear my grandma laughing at her though..... but i thinkn the jab worked coz i feel SO MCUH BETTER! doctor prescribed some good bacteria, antibiotics (for my cough - stupid kennel!!), some appetite stimulator and a prescribed diet for me. mommy thinks my prescribed diet smells much nicer than my science diet pet food. she said abt it smelling like luncheon meat. hehe.

though i didnt finish my lunch after coming home from the vet, i did finish my dinner!! and im back to my playful self. my ringworms have more or less healed too. Praise God!

my mommy is wondering..... 
does pet recovery centre charge higher fees compared to other vets?

she paid 150$ for my first visit (3rd vaccine, consultation, deworming pill, ringworm cream and pills)
and 120$ today (consultation, jab to ease the pain in my gut, good bacteria, appetite stimulator and antibiotics)

oh well, the vet and nurse are SO FRIENDLY! woof! bye every paw-friend! time for me to go chew my blankie

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my mommy FINALLY found the tick that had been bothering me for so long. dont understand why she took so long to find it? she had to scratch my underbelly in an attempt to lull me to sleep before she jumped up and started screaming!

luckily mommy is brave, she squished the stupid insect with her bare fingers and threw it away. then she applied frontline for me. i dont like!! had to keep fidgeting so she would stop her nonsense but she didnt listen to me.

im getting naughtier, pooped on the floor today.

vomited this morning too :(

Monday, September 20, 2010

inspired by snowie

good woofy day everybody!

my owner has finally decided to let me blog because i've been behaving myself since i came home last friday. in fact, i only had 4 accidents ! (actually, it's just three accidents coz my owner put me in the cage and forgot to bring my pee pen in. so when i pooped on the floor, it wasnt my fault)

ive been a very good doggy, not whining when my mommy went out, listening to instructions and learnt the sit, come, down commands. im learning to fetch and stay too! but my mommy is abit unhappy today because i kept whining this morning when i dont usually do so and ruined her beauty sleep. but anyway, she didnt give in to my whines so now im lying in my cage playing with a small little calcium treat (coz i stopped whining after awhile) to help me build strong bones.

i slept w my mommy last night! she brought the cage into her room, covered it with a bedsheet, and put my pillows inside. she even tucked me in with a blankie before i fell asleep! i was such a goodboy, i whined at about 6am so she'd let me out to pee in my pen. good huh! then i came in and continued sleeping. ;D

my shit has been abit hard lately and i always bark before i shit, which my owner and godma isabelle finds weird. so i got a new mixture of food for lunch! instead of plain old science diet puppy food, my owner mixed some sliced carrots, puppy food, a little hot water and a little pet milk into my food and i love it!!! but i hate it when she cleans my mouth after that. id keep fidgetting. she feeds me 3x a day now (8am, 2pm and 8pm) with a serving of warm pet milk for my bones just before i sleep. i hope when i grow up i can continue to eat this much. but i overheard my mommy telling her mommy that id have to cut down on food intake when i grow older :( :( :( (woofy whine)

my godma isabelle came to visit me on sunday. my owner bathed me with her and even though i was abit scared of the water initially, i ended up (almost) falling asleep when my momsy kept singing to me to calm me down. although other humans think her voice sux, i think its lovely (hehe). im a good boy when it comes to grooming. i love it when mommy blow dries my fur.

ohohohoh! i cant wait to go out and play! but i just went to the vet on saturday for my 3rd vaccination and he said i can only see other dogs in two weeks times. im sad coz i want to go play with snowie, lipton, taffy and muffin and i want to make alot of new doggy friends. :(

everyone says i look like my owner here. but i think shes the one who looks like me!

thats my mommy with her mommy. and me of course!
and the clicker that she uses to train me :D i respond very well to it!

my mommy took a lot of videos of me running, playing with my toy (im very very possessive over my toys - when anybody takes my toy and throws it, id quickly run there and pick it up, and RUN BACK TO MY CAGE COZ ITS MINE!! - so cute right?)

ok, my mommy needs me on her lap coz she needs to study and she can only study with me on her lap. im so important eh? good night!!!

p.s: snowie's mommy, can i go swimming with you guys when i can? pls say yes!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

i am home!

brought snuffles home today and was pleasantly surprised by his manners!
what an adorable little pup, peeing x5 and pooping x1 in his pee pen without any instruction. of course, he was duly rewarded with treats and praised when i caught him in the act. clever little boy.
and he hardly barks/whines, except for when i put him in the cage and ignored him (to prevent separation anxiety). but even then he calmed down after i put a baby bolster with my scent (i was sleeping with it for the past 2 weeks) in his cage. thanks isabelle for sewing him that lovely toy!

(ps he totally enjoys biting it now haha)

trained him using the click-praise-treat method and it seems quite effective! after collecting him at about 6pm, we had a few fun play/training sessions and now he can sit and respond to his name. of course, he's most sensitive to my voice amongst the rest of my family, but slowly hes getting the hang of the commands.

he seems to like jumping up alot and i'm not letting him get away with it. of course this is NO THANKS to my family (especially my parents) who WANTS him to jump up at them coz they think its cute. -.-
but if he does that to me, he is NOT getting any attention till he sits.

we played alot of hide and seek today too, which involves me hiding some place and calling out his name repeatedly. when he finds me, id click-praise-treat. haha he looks ADORABLE when hes running.  but he doesnt seem to enjoy this game with the other members of my family. haha.

my father remarked that snuffles is very skinny and i agree, the collar i bought for him was actually too big! and it was an adjustable collar! even though i adjusted the diameter to the smallest possible length, it was still way too big. so i removed it while he was sleeping. dont want it to get hooked on to anything.

oh and i warmed up some pet milk for him today too.
i think i gave him too much, because he couldnt finish it. hope he grows strong and healthy. 

it seems i wont have much problems with separation anxiety with snuffles. i left for about 0.5 hours to pick my brother up and he didnt whine. i think the bolster really helps. alot.

well, i'm all tired out from playing with snuffles today. its a long day ahead tomorrow with more fun training sessions (and some studying for me too!)

good night everybody! woof!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

hi everybody!

guess what, couldn't resist buying new toys for snuffles today. got him a leash today as well. everything cost me $2 each.... the reason why i love daiso :) 
got a little present for lipton too (the same bone toy in a different colour) to thank belle for helping me so much when it comes to getting everything ready for snuffles :)

will be going down on saturday to pay the deposit for my lil pup with my parents!hope the seller would allow me to put the collar i got for snuffles on him then. cannot imagine what the feeling would be like cradling snuffles in my arms in the car on the way home.

its only about 15 days till snuffles gets home! discussed with my mother and we decided to bring him home one day earlier :)