Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bought new pet supplies for snuffles today! 
it's such an exciting time for me, getting ready my home, my family and myself to welcome a new bundle of love into the house. 

realized i could get quite alot of pet stuff in daiso for $2 each, like dog bowls, nail cutter, ball pin combs, leashes etc. (tho their designs may not be one that you like).
i got the pet wipes (wet tissues for dogs, for cleaning their paws after walks or wiping their butt after they've pooed) and pet spray (i think its supposed to eliminate all traces of smell of their pee, will try this but may change to using the 3:1 water white vinegar ratio mix, more economical).

at pet safari (vivocity), i got the pet collar, which is genuine leather and i thought was selling for $13 but it turned out to be $30 0.0, the 2 squeaky toys and tug-o-war toy and a pet safari membership ($3 for a year)

today's total expenditure on snuffles added up to about $60, but it doesn't hurt as much as if i had spent that money on myself. i don't know why.

about 18 more days till snuffles is coming home.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hi everybody!

Snuffles will be coming home in less than a month, and everyone of us back home is very excited. Went shopping for all the essentials my lil pup would need when he gets home (pee pen, nail clippers, shampoo etc)

Will post a price list/ pictures if time permits!

Countdown to the 18th of Sept: 20 days!

Here is how I look at 3 months 27 days old :)