Friday, January 28, 2011

Tribute to Sushi

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Dear Sushi,

You are one of the bravest and cleverest dogs I know. How you managed to stand despite your fatigue and in the face of such violence is what my mummy always asks herself. But I know better. Even though you were abused in the worst manner possible, I know that deep down inside you still love your owner. That's what we dogs are meant to do - to love unconditionally and whole-heartedly. That's why they call us men's best friend. And that's why you didn't react negatively to all that punishment - instead of biting, growling or  barking, you just kept standing to the best of your ability. Even though you were tired, even though you were injured, even though you were hurt. So, so hurt.

But I want you to know that we are coming to save you. The authorities, the animal welfare groups and many, many people not only from Malaysia and Singapore but from all over the world. If you are alive, please hold on... We promise you that from now on you'd only know love and warmth. No more abuse, pain and violence. You'd only know warm milk at night before bed. You'd only know belly rubs, gentle brushing and kisses on your little snout. You'd only know long walks by the beach, meeting new fur friends and having a ton of chew toys to play with around the house. No more abuse. No more violence.

If you are in doggy heaven, I hope you know that we WILL catch your abusers to prevent other furkids from being abused by them. We will never forget your courage and devotion and it is because of you that many more furry lives will be saved. Not only did your example show us how cruel your owners were, but it also helps us realize what more needs to be done to protect innocent animals. How many more animals are being abused in secret, behind closed doors and away from the eyes of the public? How many more such cases are there that have not been recorded on video? Thank you, Sushi.

We have seen your tears and shared your pain. Now, be at peace and if you are alive, please hold on, because if you'd wait just a little bit more, you'd know what true love is.

Love, prayer and doggy greetings,
Snuffles and mummy

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear furfriends,

Sorry to have been absent from this space for so long but recently a very grave issue has caught the attention of mummy and i.

(explicit content):

If you would kindly go to the above links, you would get a better idea of what atrocities are happening around the world.

In a nutshell:
-one of my fellow brothers, a red toy poodle, has been abused repeatedly (by a creature UNFIT to be called a human) because he was TIRED after being made to stand for extended periods of time. he was slapped, punched, and even flung across the room

-the sad thing is that my bro was only trying to please his sick sonofabitch owner and STOOD UP IN COMPLIANCE WITH HIS OWNER'S ORDERS DESPITE THE ABUSE!

-the worst thing that is shocking my mummy is that The bastard actually put the dog on a television/computer and forced my bro to stand... AND THE PUPPY DID AS HE WAS TOLD! but that was not good enough for the bastard because apparently, he still shouted at it which caused him to fall over in fright and LAY MOTIONLESS ON THE GROUND.

-there is a video (link above) depicting the abuse

-for the faint-hearted, please read the article on asiaone instead.

Apparently, the abusers have been identified although they have yet to be caught. PLEASE join the fb group (first link) and help so we can catch this perp. He deserves to be caught and punished.

please help, fur friends. get your mummies and daddies to help too!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

woof woof!!

hi everybody!! sorry i havent been updating. was sooo busy recently u know.. growing fur and all.

mum just came back from korea, and i missed her so much for the week she was gone. and guess what? she didnt buy anything for me except a metal bowl which humans use to eat their rice there!! sheesh... well since it has a cover mum uses it as a lunch box for me. but the thing is ... I DONT EAT WHEN IM OUT -.- mum... please.. u should know better.

later i'm going to the pasir ris dog run and pool for some fun! mum is thinking of bringing me back to the place where she bought me to ask why have i grown SO BIG FOR A TOY POODLE????

i'm 8months and 2 days old now and i'm really quite big. i will post pictures when i'm back.

oh well. see you guys later!!!!

-woof out-