Monday, April 23, 2012

hello everypawdy! i haven't updated my blog in awhile!

anyway, mummy sent me for sterilization earlier this month on 4th april. we went to ARC Tampines, and my surgery was performed by Dr Francis (i think that's his name). i like him alot, although i hate going to the vet. it makes me nervous. mummy says she likes him too, because he seems kind and gentle.

anyway, the doctor told mummy to pick me up at around 3pm, and that he would call her if there was any bad news from my blood tests. later, mummy told me she got a shock when she saw that the vet was calling her at 1pm in the afternoon!! she thought something bad had happened. luckily, it turns out that they managed to finish the op in time, and i woke up from the GA very fast.

i guess the only good thing about sterilization was that mummy bought alot of yummy food for me. i had a new toy, a new cod treat, fresh cod fish for me only!! and canned food etc. mummy personally prepared all my meals in the days after. in fact, i am still enjoying her TLC because she recently prepared meatballs for me!!

the next few days after the operation sucked. i was in pain, and i whined everytime i moved or someone carried me. once, i was so excited to see mummy come home that i jumped up, and when i landed i screamed!!! it broke mummy's heart when she heard my whine like that :( i also had to wear an e-collar because i kept licking at my wound. thank God, my wound healed within a couple of days!

anyway, i'm very busy now so i havent been updating. im planning my second barkday party!!! this year, im having a themed birthday - Red Bull! mummy even customized a cake for me from The Barkery! :D

ok gotta go, mummy's having her exams tomorrow and i need to give her moral support while she studies :P