Thursday, October 28, 2010

another funny video of me!!

i didnt dare to go in the water and was pulling at my leash everytime the water came near me... dont i look cute??

anyway mummy has a funny story to share about me, let me tell you about it:

i just learnt how to climb up mummy's bed so i've been doing that pretty often lately, sometimes jumping up for no reason even when mummy is not in the room. the problem with my habit is that i haven't learnt to jump down the bed yet! so after climbing up and i want to be let down, i would have to keep barking and whining for mum to let me down...

ain't i silly????????

(ps but mummy finds it cute)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hi all!!

hi everybody!! i havent been blogging because mummy is too busy with her essays and tests. she's so busy that she hasnt even had time to train me until today, when she taught me how to 'roll over'. im still learning so.... dont test me yet!! 

anyway, mum says shes STILL busy with work so here are some pictures of me!
OHOHOH. i forgot to tell you all that mum brought me swimming at sentosa!

but of course, its a failed attempt as i was too afraid of the waters. when mummy carried me in, i was so freaked out i climbed to the highest possible ground - her head. of course, it left her with scratch marks everywhere.

i am on youtube... check me out ^^

hello! im snuffles and i love to eat sand. in fact, i ate so much i came home and pooped and spat out sand :/

i know how to paw!

my uncle (mum's bro) said i look like a toy dog here.. but still very cute nonetheless!

puppy teething treat!

all mine!!


wo de di pan

anyway mum says my fur is getting way too long and i agree.. its getting into my eyes!! she said she'd bring me for grooming at the end of the month after her exams. but godma belle offered to groom me! yay!

this is me, sleeping :D

mummy come sleep with me!

heres mum wiping sand away from my nose

here am i! godma jas took this for me

mummy and me again!

im a very good boy - stayed in my carrier throughout their meal!

here's uncle and me. he was using me as a bolster

kisskiss with mummy