Monday, April 23, 2012

hello everypawdy! i haven't updated my blog in awhile!

anyway, mummy sent me for sterilization earlier this month on 4th april. we went to ARC Tampines, and my surgery was performed by Dr Francis (i think that's his name). i like him alot, although i hate going to the vet. it makes me nervous. mummy says she likes him too, because he seems kind and gentle.

anyway, the doctor told mummy to pick me up at around 3pm, and that he would call her if there was any bad news from my blood tests. later, mummy told me she got a shock when she saw that the vet was calling her at 1pm in the afternoon!! she thought something bad had happened. luckily, it turns out that they managed to finish the op in time, and i woke up from the GA very fast.

i guess the only good thing about sterilization was that mummy bought alot of yummy food for me. i had a new toy, a new cod treat, fresh cod fish for me only!! and canned food etc. mummy personally prepared all my meals in the days after. in fact, i am still enjoying her TLC because she recently prepared meatballs for me!!

the next few days after the operation sucked. i was in pain, and i whined everytime i moved or someone carried me. once, i was so excited to see mummy come home that i jumped up, and when i landed i screamed!!! it broke mummy's heart when she heard my whine like that :( i also had to wear an e-collar because i kept licking at my wound. thank God, my wound healed within a couple of days!

anyway, i'm very busy now so i havent been updating. im planning my second barkday party!!! this year, im having a themed birthday - Red Bull! mummy even customized a cake for me from The Barkery! :D

ok gotta go, mummy's having her exams tomorrow and i need to give her moral support while she studies :P

Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Hiding when he sees me putting a stool in the shower and getting ready the hair dryer. He knows it's time to bathe. Haha. QT!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Turning 1!

I turned 1 on May 1, 2011! That was the day after my mum's exams ended so she could throw a party for me! dunno why but birthdays are a big thing for mummy. oh well. what makes her happy makes me happy too. i'd let the pictures do the talking :)

pooped out after the party

human guests!

me! look at my floppy ears!! my fur was too heavy then.. i cant perk up my ears like i can now!

mummy went to this pet shop in east coast that was right next to a petrol kiosk, and guess what, they ran out of cakes on my birthday! mummy didnt know that she had to preorder a birthday cake for me, so she just bought whatever cup cakes they had over there. the only blue cupcake is for me! :) in fact mummy and her friend cheryl (magc's mummy) tried one bite of a cupcake but it was too bland for them..

goody bags for the doggy guests! mummy put canned food, bones and other treats in there.

more humans and little humans!

some of mummy's best friends. they got me a hamburger toy and a frisbee

the apricot dog is my bro, Lipton! 

This is Huggy the Corgi.. shes really greedy...

my bro and i..

doggytreats table!

the doggy goody bag with

wishbone canned food that mummy won from the PETS magazine lucky draw. yummy. i love it!!

see huggy keeps going to her daddy alex to ask for food. she doesnt like to play and mingle with me!

slinking away

okay that's all folks!

cutie me

Monday, August 22, 2011

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Waiting patiently by the door as we wait for other humans to hurry up.

I was looking up at mummy and saying "mummy lets go!!" with my puppy eyes


This is my new toy snuggles. Mummy said that she missed me so much in the states, she bought a toy dog that looks like me so she could hug it to sleep. Aww!!


Hi everyone! Sorry I've been missing from this space for so long. Anyway, mummy came back just 2 weeks ago from her 3 month long trip to the USA. I missed her so much, and I'm so glad she's back. mum keeps telling me that she thought i would forget her... but she doesn't know that we dogs remember our mummies really well.

so anyway, when mum walked through the front door after those few months, she entered with SO many other people, i was overwhelmed!! i went around greeting everyone and mum thought i really forgot her... but then! i ran into her room and sat on her bed! i never ever did that when she was away... i never sat on her bed on went into her room when she wasn't around. grandpa was super touched, he kept telling mummy that. and mum cried :( but i know she was crying tears of joy coz she's so happy to see me!

anyway, i guess one good thing came out of her trip to the US... AMERICAN DOGGY TREATS! my favourite so far is the chicken and apple wraps. mum said that it looked so good.. she wanted to eat it herself! she also said that she bought ALOT more stuff for me but it was with her travel pal Cheryl coz mummy borrowed luggage space. looks like i can be expecting more treats, a new leash, t-shirts and MORE FOOD!! slurps.

unfortunately, i've become a very picky eater during these 3 months. now i even scoff at some treats! mummy's angry that i've become a picky eater, but she's not giving in to my 'hunger strikes' and i have to eat my kibble when i'm realllyyyy hungry. but at least i get nice boiled chicken breast meat + vege every Saturday. wow, when i get that bowl of yummy goodness, i'm oblivious to everything else.

grandma bought me ANF kibbles when mummy was gone, and even though i'm.. okay.. with the brand, my poop STINKS. any good kibble to recommend to toy poodles like me? oh oh oh! we were at the National Dog Walk 2011 at East coast park yesterday and we saw soooo many red poodles! so many of them had redder fur than me. mummy went to ask some of their mummies and daddies how they got such rich coloured fur and they said to feed me some fish oil! so guess what? i got fish oil in my food every week now. heheheh.

so many things to blog about, like my first birthday party etc etc but i'm kinda tired out now.. yawnz. will continue another day (promise! mummy is adding a blogger application to her phone so i can update on the go with pictures!) but first, some photos!!

me being sleepy as this blog entry is being written

when i was still a puppy and needed medication

me being shaved bald coz i had too many mats in my fur :( i was really depressed and sad over my haircut for awhile. i didn't want to go for walks, didn't want to look in the mirror... being very vain. a bit like mummy (haha) i got shaved before mummy went overseas..

mummy says that when i do this i'm saying "i love you!". pawing my uncle over here.

just before getting shaved! panting after a picnic at ecp!

look at me! so happy to be w mummy! 

godma evelyn gave me a bowl with a cute lil poodle inside for my first birthday!

sneak peek: what i did for my first birthday party! goodybags for all the doggy guests.