Thursday, August 25, 2011

Turning 1!

I turned 1 on May 1, 2011! That was the day after my mum's exams ended so she could throw a party for me! dunno why but birthdays are a big thing for mummy. oh well. what makes her happy makes me happy too. i'd let the pictures do the talking :)

pooped out after the party

human guests!

me! look at my floppy ears!! my fur was too heavy then.. i cant perk up my ears like i can now!

mummy went to this pet shop in east coast that was right next to a petrol kiosk, and guess what, they ran out of cakes on my birthday! mummy didnt know that she had to preorder a birthday cake for me, so she just bought whatever cup cakes they had over there. the only blue cupcake is for me! :) in fact mummy and her friend cheryl (magc's mummy) tried one bite of a cupcake but it was too bland for them..

goody bags for the doggy guests! mummy put canned food, bones and other treats in there.

more humans and little humans!

some of mummy's best friends. they got me a hamburger toy and a frisbee

the apricot dog is my bro, Lipton! 

This is Huggy the Corgi.. shes really greedy...

my bro and i..

doggytreats table!

the doggy goody bag with

wishbone canned food that mummy won from the PETS magazine lucky draw. yummy. i love it!!

see huggy keeps going to her daddy alex to ask for food. she doesnt like to play and mingle with me!

slinking away

okay that's all folks!

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